What a thoughtful (and tasty) contribution from our generous donor! Owennie’s handcrafted truffles and sweets were becoming so popular as Christmas gifts that friends started ‘ordering’ them from her, prompting her to ask them to make a donation to a local charity as ‘payment’.

This year, Owennie decided to expand her project to raise funds for The Door is Open. Her idea was so enthusiastically embraced by her friends that the project was limited only by the fact that she is a one-person production operation, and could not take more than the first 154 orders!

Her wonderful husband was tasked with cleanup while friends helped out with packaging and assembly. As you can see from the photos, this month-long labour of love by Owennie was an enormous success, and her supportive friends enjoyed over 1000 beautiful and delicious truffles in total.
Thank you, Owennie, for thinking of The Door is Open and blessing us with your time, talent, and generosity!