Yoshi was always interested in volunteering in the Downtown Eastside, and when she moved into the neighbourhood a few years ago, she took the opportunity to research charities where she would be able to help. Because she feels that food is a fundamental necessity, she knew that she wanted to volunteer in a setting where she could help feed some of our society’s most vulnerable people. Her research and walkabouts led her to The Door is Open, where she was welcomed with open arms. On her first day, Sr. Baybeth gave her a tour of the facility and put her to work. Together with Fr. Regi and Sr. Baybeth, she has served coffee and sweets from the side room, and has also helped in other areas as needed. She has enjoyed volunteering at The Door is Open over the past two years: being able to help with serving our neighbours, getting to know our regular guests, and also making connections and friendships with the Sisters, other staff, and fellow volunteers.

Thank you for your generous service, Yoshi! We are blessed to have you!