We are most grateful to Mindset Foundation for coming to The Door is Open again this year to hold their December Turkey Burger lunch. We are always in awe at the enthusiasm, energy, and level of organization that they bring to The Door is Open each year! Bringing in their own array of barbecue grills and equipment, they whipped up 1000 delicious and healthy turkey burgers expertly and efficiently. The Foundation generously opens up the lunch meal to the entire Downtown Eastside community.  We are very appreciative of the giving spirit of the Foundation which sees its staff, family, and friends all gather at The Door is Open to help out. One of the more recognizable friends is singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan who shared her gift of song with The Door is Open guests and volunteers, many of whom enthusiastically joined in the caroling. Thank you once again to Mindset Foundation, staff, family and friends who have provided this December highlight for so many years.