I feel fortunate to have been able to continue, as part of a small group of staff and volunteers, to assist in the efforts at the Door is Open during this most challenging time. We want everyone to know that we have been, and will continue to, take many precautions to keep our clients and ourselves safe and we are very aware that we are operating in a vulnerable part of Vancouver amongst a very vulnerable part of the population. I think that I can speak for those of us at the Door is Open when I write that we truly feel all of the thoughts and prayers coming from all of those people who are supporting us and our efforts. We will continue to serve our clients for as long as the Door is Open is able to do so.

A number of organizations that also serve the Downtown Eastside have temporarily closed operations and there are very few places left for those who rely on the help of others for food and other necessities. As a result, our line-ups have generally been getting longer. So far, we are managing well, and we are extremely grateful to our regular suppliers who continue to provide food to us. We are also very grateful to a number of new donors, too – wholesalers, bakeries and restaurants, who have searched us out and who have graciously provided us with a wide array of mostly perishable items that we have been able to utilize. We have so far been able to prepare a hot dish and to make and distribute hundreds of sandwiches on a daily basis. And our clients have been very grateful. I know that because we hear it from so many of them every single day.

Serving coffee from the door
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