Brenda has been coming to The Door Is Open regularly for almost 20 years, and loves meeting friends, both old and new. She finds it healing and soothing to participate in the Women’s Wednesdays Arts & Crafts program. “It’s beautiful to be able to turn your mind off your troubles,” Brenda says. She loves sharing jokes with others and even wanted to share a joke with our readers: A lady goes to see her doctor and tells him, “Doctor, doctor, I feel like a deck of cards,” and the doctor replies, “I’ll deal with you later!”

Brenda has lived in the Downtown Eastside since 2000. She has extended family in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island. Not only is family important to her, but also giving back to the community. She is currently involved in three different jobs in outreach work. Brenda has been featured on the cover of the Hope in the Shadows calendar, and appears in the Megaphone 10-year anniversary video. She serves on the Board of the Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence Society, and has made two trips to Toronto as part of her outreach work in the Downtown Eastside.