Congratulations to our dearest Sr. Chita Torres on the 25th anniversary of her Religious Profession of Vows. We have been incredibly blessed to have had Sr. Chita as co-manager at The Door is Open for 9 of those 25 years, and we hope that she will spend many more years here!

Sr. Chita has whole heartedly embraced the experience of living and working in the DTES and being part of the DTES community. Her acceptance, compassion, empathy, and love touch each person she interacts with – staff, volunteers, donors, and most notably our guests who bask in her attention. As she walks around the neighbourhood they will often call out a greeting to her, or stop to share a happy or sad story/experience. She knows when to listen quietly so that each person feels seen and heard, when to offer comforting words so that they know they are loved, when to joke and tease in reply to their teasing. Being around Sr. Chita is an eye-opening and life-changing experience and an opportunity to see how we can answer the call to love our neighbour.

Messages from The Door is Open community:

Sr. Chita is the heart and soul of the Door is Open. She is a joyful, dynamic, genuine and compassionate person who always brings wonderful energy to the Door is Open and anywhere else she goes. She almost always answers an inquiry about how she is doing by saying “I am very blessed”, and it is I and, I think, all of us at the Door is Open who can say that very thing about having the pleasure of interacting with her. We are indeed truly blessed! 

Gwen (staff)

I have had the pleasure of working with Sr. Chita for the last 9 years plus. I remember the first day she walked into The Door is Open. From the moment she arrived she spread warmth and compassion to all those she met. The craft program participants looked forward to the sound of her footsteps and laughter as she approached the art room every Wednesday. Her humour and crazy antics lifted the spirits of everyone in the room. Sr. Chita is unlike anyone I have ever met. Her positive spirit, calm and patient demeanor feels like a warm hug every time you’re with her. Congratulations on your 25 year Jubilee Sr. Chita from Cheryl and all the art room participants – we love you!! 

Cheryl (volunteer)

You are the angel sent by God. We are very blessed to have you at DIO.

Alice (volunteer)

Praise God for the wonderful ways you have laid down your life to love and serve all the people around you, dear Sister Chita. May God bless you and shower His grace upon you more abundantly.

Laurence (staff)

Our St Vincent de Paul conference works with Sr Chita to prepare and serve hot lunches twice a month at The Door is Open. Sr Chita is an inspiration to us in her dedication to the mission of The Door is Open, where she so effectively lives the Vincentian values of commitment, compassion, respect, and empathy. She sees Christ in every person, welcoming them all with compassion and warmth, and without judgment.  

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul group 

Sr. Chita, Congratulations on your Silver Jubilee and hopefully stay healthy long with us. May the Lord’s grace be with you in everything in the future.

Gregory (staff) and Seraphina

Sr. Chita’s caring manner and cheerful radiance is an unforgettable and irreplaceable core piece of The Door is Open. I, along with the other staff and volunteers, are so blessed to be able to work with her, and her dedication to service is an inspiration to all.

John-Paul (volunteer)

Coming in to volunteer weekly is never a chore. Sister Chita always makes me feel like I’m a kitchen-superstar. She’s so gracious and grateful for every single one of us. I can often hear her laughter from the other side of the kitchen, or her sing-song voice when she’s calling out to one of the staff. It’s touching to watch her interact with our various clients. She knows them by name and has an easy banter with the regulars. Our organization and the downtown Eastside community is truly blessed to have Sister Chita on the frontlines. I wish Sister Chita hearty congratulations on her Silver Jubilee anniversary!

Jackie (volunteer)

Happy Silver Jubilee as a Carmelite Nun Sr. Chita.

And Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes

Carl (volunteer)

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